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Beauty & Wellbeing Podcasts 

Dear listeners,

My intention with this podcast is to inspire you and to support you, even sometimes make you thoughtful, on your way to feel more and more beautiful everyday.
I will be more than happy to answer your questions and comments

Dr. med Shirin Mansouri

13.07.2017:   Why Beauty & Wellbeing ?              #001 Love letter to your body
20.07.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #002 Why you can eat anything and be slim
27.07.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #003Three basic keys to savor and be slim
07.08.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #004 Coke vs. Water
13.08.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #005 3 Reason why you too will love to move your body
20.08.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #006 The power of visualization
27.08.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #007 Why loosing 6 pounds can be sometimes a challenge
03.09.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #008 Free ride to your dream body
10.09.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #009 Why beauty from outside only is not enough
17.09.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #010 How to make workout feel easier and fun/the power of your thought
24.09.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #011 How to feel comfortable right now with yourself
01.10.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #012 Lifestyle of a model
08.10.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #013 Why you should eat to please
15.10.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #014 How to deal with the side effects of savoring food
22.10.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #015 Why a location can help you forget your target
29.10.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #016 How easy it is to overcome your inner weaker self
05.11.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #017 Why girls and boys just want to have fun
12.11.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #018 How to find the hook easier
19.11.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #019 What it's all about visualization
26.11.2017:   Beauty & Wellbeing                         #020 Being a Model- life between reality and fantasma
02.12.2017:   Beauty & Wellbeing                         #021 Between utopia and reality - camouflage and photoshop
10.12.2017:   Beauty & Wellbeing                         #022 Tips and tricks from Givenchy make-up artist
17.12.2017:   Beauty & Wellbeing                         #023 Everything you ever wanted to know about a models life
24.12.2017:   Beauty & Wellbeing                         #024 A christmas story to share
31.12.2017:   Savor and be slim.                           #025 The secret recepy to your dream body
07.01.2018:   Savor and be slim.                           #026 The biggest challenge about the new years resolution
14.01.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #027 Why sexy, beautiful and intelligent
21.01.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #028 Sexy with or without liposuction and tummy tuck?
28.01.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #029 Inner beauty- that's nonsense!
04.02.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #030 Why aesthetic surgery and deep relaxation is a must.
11.02.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #031 Why you feel ashamed to be beautiful.
18.02.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #032 Beautiful, more beautiful, the most beautiful...
25.02.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #033 Your thoughts, your wrinkles
04.03.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #034 Your thoughts, your wrinkles II
11.03.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #035 How you can use your dissatisfaction to become free of wrinkles
18.03.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #036 Why you don't believe in the power of your thoughts
25.03.2018:   Sexy, beautiful and intelligent!       #037 How I use the power of thoughts in aesthetic surgery 
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THANK YOU KAREN DUCKER ( for the wonderful music and the permission to use your song "I FEEL GOOD" from the album "Shine".
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