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Get the attention that you desire

Do you put great store in your appearance and invest a lot of time and money to feel well and beautiful? And now you would like to refocus your attention to your inner beauty – your secret weapon? You are eager to boost your inner well-being and your self-esteem? You want to let the beauty radiate from inside your heart to the outside world so that you can take on a real sense of beauty and happiness?


… Look forward to the coming years of your life – without feeling the pressure of aging. I’ll show you how it’s done.


In my capacity as a plastic surgeon and beauty expert, I offer 60-minute long face-to-face mentoring* on a weekly basis over a 4-week period. These sessions serve to address and eliminate your blockages in attitude with regard to aging, beauty, youth and health. Your charisma, your self-consciousness and your self esteem will be boosted. Your love and appreciation of the small things in life will once again flourish*. This period is followed by a weekly live webinar over an 8-week period. This is where we discuss routine challenges that you come across in feeling beautiful. You will also learn how to deal with aging in a relaxed manner. With my guidance, you will find new approaches in finding solutions to deal with the day-by-day situations you come across. After these 12 weeks, I will provide a customized hypnosis or meditation session that helps you achieve – in a laid-back, relaxed way – the personal goals that you have set out.
You will be among those women who have the awareness to achieve their goals through inner beauty, who have a sense of self-adequacy and who feel comfortable in their own skin.

"It is you alone who determines if you want to be precious or worthless."

                               Gudrun Kropp, lyricist


        Beautybooklet, Hypnosis: "sanft lieben" , „sanft jung bleiben“, „sanft schön“

                                          Dates & Price:

                                                                                                            Upon request

                                                         *Costs for travel within Germany are included.

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Do you have any questions or require more detailed information concerning a seminar or the coaching sessions? Simply schedule an appointment with us or send a message.

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