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Weight loss smart and easy

Bodylicious Masterclass

I do not believe in diets. You force yourself to leave out food that you love.
In case you are disciplined enough you might loose weight, but once you go back to your normal lifestyle you will gain the weight again.
Nobody wants a Jo Jo -effect, but that's what happens.
What I do believe and is a fact, that eating is habitual. 
We even learn to eat.
I want to invite you to learn about your eating habits and unlearn them to program new habits like being able to eat any food and still not overeating.
Your mindset influences more than you can imagine your success in getting rid of the extra pounds.
What do you think about work out?
What do you think about your body?
Do you believe its difficult to loose weight?
Let me help you identify your blocking believes and loose sustainably weight smart and easy

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This is what my clients say:

Gourmet Burgers

“I have done so many diets and already gave up. Thanks to Dr. Mansouri I not only learned about my body and behaviour - loosing weight became fun.

Its about mindset, behaviour, food relationship and body relationship.

— Claudia lost 25 pounds


“I knew I wouldn't loose the weight in 3 month, but I just wanted to feel good and comfortable in my body. Being overweight is more than just eating to much. I ate what ever I like and lost weight. You have changed my life Doc. Thank you so much”

— Jasmyn lost 50 pounds

You are precious like a diamond
Tasty like your favourite icecream
You smell like your most rich parfum
Your feel like silk
and you sound like the most romantic love song
What makes your unique beauty is your personal body, mind and soul- bond and doing what you love.
                                                                    Dr. Shirin Mansouri



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