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Dr. med. Shirin Mansouri

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Human kind consists of body, soul and mind.


We used to want to dominate our bodies with our minds.


Today we understood that we can only heal holistically and stay healthy being one and being whole: body, mind & soul.


I go further and say: Also your mind - you as a person with all your interests, all your "tasks" or "roles" in which you can slip in the course of a day you can unite and allow everything and allow yourself everything now, equally and together at the same time .


Because your well-being and your diversity

make you whole and your wholeness fills you and shows your unique beauty and that is as important as the unification of body, soul and spirit.


Hello, my name Shirin, Dr. med. Shirin Mansouri, I support you holistically in health - your health and that of your customers, patients.

Always healthy and beautiful.


The Eternal Youth. Your eternal life, because your cells are constantly renewing themselves and the human body is designed for this. Linger indefinitely if you wanted to.



After 21 years of studying the human body, thousands of bodies, faces and skin, fat and connective tissue, I now offer my customers and patients this exclusive way of healing, health and rejuvenation, which is not only sustainable, but also natural and gentle.

My customers not only feel healthy and vital and beautiful and radiate it, but they are healthy, look younger and their body and face shape has changed, as they have always wanted. You are happy and fulfilled. Because of this zest for life, they are timeless.


Do you feel that?


Do you want to heal holistically? Yourself or your patients?


Do you know that aging and wrinkles are out of date?


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             "Be holistic, manifest holistically"


                                        Be beautilicious, bodylicious and create yourself.

Health Club

Often health is linked to the other areas of life.

Work can make you sick.

Relationship can stress you out.

Existential fears can make you sick.

And basically we all want to be HAPPY and FULFILLED and feel good and loved in our bodies.

That's what HealthClub is all about: your health holistically: science meets love and the law of attraction.

Medicine meets the self-healing forces within you and the power of co-creation....

Here, as in all groups, the group energy is consciously used for healing and co-creation of health.

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Youth Club

You have everything in life, and you also know that you can not only get healthy and fit in the years, but above all timeless, young and beautiful.

All this naturally and sustainably. 

Your body regenerates continuously and in this program you will learn and experience how to give your brain the right information to rejuvenate from day to day and to keep a smooth and firm and elastic skin and physically and mentally top fit. 



            Beauty Temple

Beauty and the associated self-confidence, the self-assured appearance, the attractive charisma is nothing. In the Beauty Temple you experience your transformation from the gray inconspicuous, ugly duckling to the person who enters the room and after whom everyone turns around. Your self-worth whether in the relationship or profession and in dealing with yourself increases so much that you feel the agony of choice.

            Love Temple


You are single and want nothing more than to finally experience a mutually fulfilling love relationship.  You are in a relationship and doubts and fears / problems determine it.

With possible negative experiences from your past you clean up in this time and dissolve all the blocks that prevent him / her to enter your life and booooom to float on cloud nine and stay in love.


Xtralicious Masterclass


You are a public figure, celebrity, VIP or for other reasons you want a personal one-on-one attention.

Then the VIP program is just right.

In the personal one-to-one coaching I support you over two months and longer in all areas of your life (love, health, beauty, youth, business, family) to lead your Xtralicious life.


Meditations and Hypnotherapy

They all underly the power of words. Knowing how to use your subconscious mind to get rid off Trauma, Panic attacks, overweight etc
Together FOR Health

We are an interdisciplinary team of experts who have come together globally to lovingly bring the change (individual, holistic, human) we want to see in the healthcare system for those affected.