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The 4 Levels of
your Health & Beauty & Youth
  • Your Body

  • Your Mind

  • Your Heart

  • Your Soul

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When science meets mind- and heartset, holistic medicine is born, because


the human being consists of body, soul and spirit.



Why your body?


Because it's all about your body and it talks to you continuously.


Why your spirit and mind?


Because our thoughts always influence our health and beauty.


Why your soul?


Because it is also a part of you.



             "live your highest  potential"








Have clarity

on what YOU want

Enjoy the inner peace 

of what is

Speak the

language of


You are dissatisfied with your appearance ?

You think you are insecure and lack something to be happy, beautiful and successful?


Do you feel frustrated because you're not making progress and feel like time is running away from you?


It can be so exhausting and tedious, especially when you're trying to do the right thing all the time and not succeeding.


Together it's easier and better.


Make an appointment and learn how to finally become your biggest fan from the inside and out and have the world at your feet.


Beauty, the corresponding self-confidence, the self-assured appearance, the attractive charisma are everything you need to make your dreams come true.

"Your Attitude defines everything"

Your self-worth whether in the relationship or profession and in dealing with yourself increases so much that you attract like a magnet, the choice between better and even better.

"The debiting is carried out by"

Be beautilicious, bodylicious and create yourself.

Use the power of deep relaxation and release the blocks to loving yourself. You don't need to do anything but listen to the gentle voice of Shirin Mansouri, MD.

How to order the love of your life

There is a secret on how to order the Love of your life: Focussing on what you want.

This guided meditation helps you to bath in the feeling on how it is living already the love relationship of your dreams.

The debiting is carried out by"

" I already took some private Session with Dr. Mansouri, which helped me to get rid of the thoughts that it was impossible to have a relationship. Once I was able to believe it her deep meditation helped me to just attract him... and now I am in love with a man who loves me. Thank you "

Gisele, M. Hamburg, D

" My friend, fell in love and I asked her what happened, She told me about this Ebook and the deep meditation which helped her to become clear what she wanted in her life. That is when I realised, what was different with her. Before we met and we both were whining about our past experiences, we never talked about what we really wanted. How she or he supposed to be. I love the Idea of visualising what I want and since I am listening to the deep Meditation I feel she is so close. Besides I don't feel lonely anymore, before I used to feel bad and unhappy, now I just know that she is there and the moment will arrive "

Jens H., Düsseldorf, D

Calm and fearless through out the day

Scientific studies have shown that, deep relaxation​


  • ​strengthen your immune system

  • accelerate the healing process

  • take away the stress​​

  • take away the fear

The debiting is carried out by"

" I was so stressed out. I never believed in this kind of stuff and I am so happy that I told myself" So what do I have to loose!" I am a CEO and lead an important company and ever since I gave this deep relaxation a try. When I wake up in the morning I really feel relaxed and calm, ready to rock the day. I highly appreciate your work, Dr. Mansouri. You are special "

Kevin M., Toronto, CA

" Her calming and relaxing voice makes it so easy to clam down and relax. Listening everyday to this deep relaxation makes me fill up my energy. You are awesome, Dr. Shirin "

Margot L., London, GB

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