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Health & Wellbeing

are the basis

for Beauty & Youth

Dr. med. Shirin Mansouri

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When science meets mind- and heartset, holistic medicine is born, because


the human being consists of body, soul and spirit.



Welcome and hello,


my name is Shirin, MD Shirin Mansouri. I am a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery with an additional designation in hand surgery and the expert in beauty at all levels.


I support women and men with pleasure and ease to experience their beauty and health always. My work is based on current scientific studies and I involve your body, your soul and your mind.


Why your body?


Because it's all about your body and it talks to you continuously.


Why your spirit and mind?


Because our thoughts always influence our health and beauty.


Why your soul?


Because it is also a part of you.

Your health:



             "Be holistic, manifest holistically"


 Your body :


Be beautilicious, bodylicious and create yourself.

1;1 = you & I

"Your Attitude defines everything"

Often health is connected to the other areas of life.


Work, relationships, existential fears, stress, our lifestyle and much more can make you ill.

As individual as the reasons of your suffering are, as individual is your way to recovery.


We see you and your situation holistically and take into account your body, mind and soul.


Find out more about our experts  and vision and learn in our unique online store which possibilities will help you in your healing.



            Your beauty- and bodylicious temple


You are single and want nothing more than to finally experience a mutually fulfilling love relationship.  You are in a relationship and doubts and fears / problems determine it.

With possible negative experiences from your past you clean up in this time and dissolve all the blocks that prevent him / her to enter your life and booooom to float on cloud nine and stay in love.


Xtralicious Masterclass


You are a public figure, celebrity, VIP or for other reasons you want a personal one-on-one attention.

Then the VIP program is just right.

In the personal one-to-one coaching I support you over two months and longer in all areas of your life (love, health, beauty, youth, business, family) to lead your Xtralicious life.


Meditations & Hypnotherapy

They all underly the power of words. Knowing how to use your subconscious mind to get rid off Trauma, Panic attacks, overweight etc
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