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Meditation and Deep Relaxation

Gentle relaxation techniques have persuaded me to use this method to enhance the welfare of my patients.

Fear and worries do Stress. To enhance your immun system and also in terms of your beauty, self-love and youthfulness.  I have produced meditations for you to go. You can listen to them anytime.

Self-confident & happy living

What exactly is deep relaxation?

This question is brought to me time and again. Yet anyone who has ever dealt intimately with relaxation knows that it can’t readily be explained in a few words.


Nevertheless, I offer a short definition of deep relaxation below:


Consciousness is a state of awareness that is value-free.

Our subconscious mind stores all the experiences we make since our existence. And we are also shaped by our environment, our family, the people around us and society. Each individual thus has a very own storage and filter.


The things that we experience and perceive via our own filter let us evaluate situations and give meaning to them.
Mediation used as a relaxation technique lets you become more receptive and enhances your ability to learn. You are alert and responsive; you are the master of your mind and you can communicate with me. Nothing happens that you don’t approve of.

When you are in a deep relxed state, your 'negative inner voice' is silenced and the subconscious is directly addressed. This way, the 'messages' that hamper you can come to the fore and be gently dissolved. With this suggestive procedure inner change can be achieved in a short space of time.
Deep relaxation is an especially far-reaching type of communication.

This is why I also offer personal relaxation sessions (also via video calls) and customized spoken MP3 deep relaxation sessions in addition to MP3 recording deep relaxation.

Patient testimonials:

“Since undergoing deep relaxation conducted by Dr. Mansouri I have a new-found self-awareness as a woman. In the past, I didn’t wear dresses whereas these days I dress more deliberately and even enjoy shopping. Now I even like to wear dresses.

My self-esteem has increased to the extent that when I look into a mirror I am now pleased with myself. I have accepted myself the way I am and even enjoy flirting and accepting compliments. I also have a more self-assured manner ever since my self-respect and self-esteem have been boosted."

 Birgit K. Bremen


“I listened to the "Schön im Schlaf" MP3 recording just once and it put me in a really good mood. Now I plan on listening to it more often. Thank you.“ Heidi W., Heilbronn


“After going on a trip of a lifetime (Traumreise) with Dr. Mansouri, my daughter retracted her decision to have cosmetic surgery. I am very thankful and relieved. “ Sina W.,Heilbronn

Scientific studies:

Get your own MP3 now.

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